A Family Man - Labrador 4 Idaho
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Raúl and his wife, Rebecca, are the proud parents of five children – Michael, Katerina, Joshua, Diego and Rafael. They live in Eagle, ID, where all five of their children enrolled in the local public schools.

Raúl knows the vital importance of family. He was born in Puerto Rico and was raised in a single parent-household. His mother struggled to help him earn a brighter future and inspire hope in him. Through a solid belief in the value of education, Raúl’s mother moved their small family to the mainland and Raúl completed high school, and he later earned a degree from Brigham Young University and an advanced degree at the University of Washington.

Raúl built a successful small business and was the owner and managing partner of a law firm with offices in Boise and Nampa.Raúl and Rebecca are active members of their church and involved in community life. Raúl, who is an Eagle Scout, has previously volunteered with the Boy Scouts of America and served on several state and local Republican committees