Labrador 4 Idaho-A Conservative Leader
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Raul Labrador is the leader where you can be sure of the rules are regulation he brings will be conservative. He has the capability to take Idaho into the right path, that is of the development.

We work hard towards helping people understand the safety and we can help bring the right changes.

  • Creation of more Jobs Vacancies

More jobs means more people happy to work and earn. This is our way of giving back.

  • Corruption Free Country

Corruption is one of the main problem that our country is facing right now and we can help eradicate it with right means.

  • Solution to price rise and Inflation

We are constantly working on the right means to help bring down the inflation in prices.

Conservative party leader
Who is

Raul labrador is a leader who is trying to be the change that Idaho needs.


He is a politician who is constantly working to help understand the right way to bring about the change.


Raul has been a very hands on leader who is striving to work towards our own betterment.











The main agenda of Raul Labrador is to bring a wave of change in Idaho and give the people what they really want.

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This is what the people of have to save.

Joshua K. Hardaway
I have seen the way Raul Labrador works and I have very confident that he can change the face of Idaho for good.

Frank L. Serrato
I am a leader of a community and When Raul labrador came to me get some feedback for the improvement I was impressed that a leader has to listen to what we have to say.
Jason K. Walsh
Well, a common person like me has seen that there is actual job vacancies which allow me to work hard and earn for my living.

Alex A. Rosenberg
I was impressed that a leader has issue that we the people of Idaho has to bring forth.


We are dealing with a lot of big and small issues a like. We want to make sure that the life of the commoner is as secure as it can be.

Reforming Our Tax Code for a Stronger Economy0

Fighting for Fiscal Responsibility0

Protecting Civil Liberties0


The origins and functions of political parties


We all are responsible citizens of our country right? We aspire for democracy, we assert our right by casting our votes and most often we are extremely loud about any and every political issue. But how many of us truly know about politics? How much do we really care about the government?

These are the questions that this article aims to address. Half knowledge is even worse and more dangerous than ignorance. You can’t just overlook this. Rather it’s a better idea to possess some brief information about the origin and functions of political parties so that you don’t make a fool of yourself while conversing with your peer group.

This knowledge will further help you to cast the right vote to the right person. Being a responsible citizen you must bear equal responsibility towards your state as your government authority does. You can’t simply blame them for any wrong decision. Rather bring the change by yourself which you are looking for. And all these start with a basic knowledge.

Without further adieu let’s discuss about the origin and functions of political parties.

Firstly you need to know that the revolutionary leaders such as Washington, Madison and Hamilton never liked this idea of a political party and all of them voted against it! Surprising isn’t it?!

While the federalists wanted a unified central government, anti federalists asserted themselves to be democratic republicans. The basic difference between these federalists and anti federalists is the fact that the federalists support industry and on the other hand the anti federalists or the democratic radicals became vocal for the farmers and artisans.

A strong difference between the opinions of two parties led the scenario to civil war. While the slave occupying southern planters followed one path, the northern industrialists and western farmers wanted to follow a different ideology.

In 1828 Andrew Jackson got elected. He stands for the democratic Republican Party. And the anti Jackson democrats immediately joined with federalists in order to create the whig party.

By 1854 slavery became a major issue in political debates. Anti slavery acts started to form in the republic party while southern democrats supported state rights and slavery. After the grand defeat of democratic power, republican became stronger and the table gradually started to turn.

Further in 1930 democrats and republicans again divided. While the democrats felt that the government should actively help people, republicans opined that the government is assuming extreme power.

Nevertheless both of the parties tend to agree on most of the services and issues arose in contemporary times. However their opinions sometimes differ on specific issues.

The American independent party never supported racial integration. On the other hand Libertarian party stresses equal rights. Green party is a part of the major environmental movement. Bear in mind that the smallest local division is the precinct. And every four years the parties organize national convention. Delegates are usually chosen during primaries, precinct caucuses or by state conventions. Minor parties too can play a role in politics.