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Reasons why you should avoid texting too much before you meet your date

Reasons why you should avoid texting too much before you meet your date

It is practical that after meeting online, the first thing that you two can do to know each other is using phone power. Through your phones, you can have nice Text Chemistry and get to understand a little bit about each other. After all, texting can be your main form of communicating before you meet. Texting can be good and it can create that interest in meeting your date but overdoing it can be toxic. Texting too much means revealing too much to your date than it’s expected of you. If you still feel like texting too much is exciting before you meet, here is why you should rethink about it

It becomes weird
As much as you might be used to having endless chats with your best friend, that doesn’t mean that you should text day and night with a guy or with someone you have never met. Many people think that by doing that they are bonding with the person and getting to know them better but that isn’t the right thing to do. Before you can go overboard with your date you just met, always take them as strangers and avoid any weird conversations with them. Wait until you meet in person before you can decide the way forward. How you will feel after your first meeting should be your guide.

Sooner or later, you will run out of what you should say next
If you are texting your friend now and then, that makes sense but when you are talking to someone you have never met, talking too much will mean that next time you will have no words to say to each other. Once you run out of things to say, that is like preparing for disaster. Even after meeting for the first time, you will have an awkward date because you do not have an idea of what you should say to each other. Although you should use the power of Text Chemistry, avoid going overboard before your first date.

That is how obsession begins
Believe it or not, your date might become obsessive simply because you have revealed too much to them. After you have made them believe that you are always available for texting, all they can do is text day and night. Sometimes texting too much with a person you have never met before will give them ideas that you are already in a relationship. After your first meeting and you decide that you have no chemistry with them, some of them will get upset and start texting you non-stop. To avoid such scenarios and obsessions before you even meet, you should avoid too much texting before you meet.

False feelings
Texting can make you have butterflies and establish weird feelings between the two of you that might be false. The reason being, you have never met in person and you do not know exactly how the other person looks like or behaves. Meeting online for the first time is very tricky. Considering that the only thing you know is the photo of your date and their name which might not be real, establishing if they are right or wrong is not that easy. It is very easy to feel connected with a person after reading their profile only to find out that they are not your type. Even when you feel a special connection between you two, that might change completely after your first meeting. That is to say, you should not dwell so much on how you feel just by texting too much with your date.

You should be aware of relationship texter
There are those people who love texting for twenty-four hours. All they do is ask you about every detail of your day and moments. At first, that might seem very sweet and caring until you realize that those are kind of people who only care for texting relationships and not real relationships. This can happen especially after you have met for the first time but there are no signs of a second date. When you notice such a thing, you should immediately avoid texting too much.

Being old school is sometimes okay
Just because a guy wants to talk to you all the time doesn’t mean that you should be super quick to jump into a relationship. Before you can agree with many things that your date has to say, it is best if you organize a meeting. That meeting will prevent you from making a mistake of committing to a relationship that you do not even know before you can meet the person. It might seem as old fashioned but you should never agree on anything through Text Chemistry without meeting.

High probability of being catfishes
When you talk too much through texting, you will find your date interesting, funny and more playful than they are in the actual life. The person you are texting can blend exactly the way you want and wish. After meeting them, you might end up being frustrated to find out that they are cold and mean. Due to that, you should always avoid texting and believing in texts that you read.

Too much texting is time-consuming
As much as texting can keep the momentum, it is also true that too much texting can consume a lot of your time. If at all you text a lot but when you meet the guy you feel like you are not interested in him, that will turn out to be a huge waste of your time.

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