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Ketogenic Diet Side Effects & Risks

Ketogenic Diet Side Effects & Risks

The ketogenic diet – a popular but also a diet trend that can go wrong. A ketogenic diet is a promising diet trend, yet experts are warning of the many risks that this popular diet carries. The main reason why so many people choose this diet trend is crystal clear! The secret of success lies in the active fat metabolism, which makes the pounds tumble easier. 

In the long term, the ketogenic diet can bring certain health risks / side effects.

Ketogenic diet side effects

The most important side effects of the ketogenic diet that you should know are listed here.

The Ketogrippe

The Ketogrippe is a well-known term for the period in which reveals the metabolism. Most patients complain of cold symptoms, such as: increased body temperature, convulsions, a feeling of weakness, high sensitivity and diarrhea. Each body takes its time to get used to the metabolism, and that’s why the body sets certain signals that should not be ignored.

There are many different causes for this “flu”, such as: withdrawal, detoxification, electrolyte and insulin deficiency. Many studies report that sugar deprivation can be just as painful and hard as drug withdrawal itself. That’s because the drugs and sugar attack the same brain areas.

In the detoxification process, the liver plays a very important role. The fat is a storage for many different harmful environmental substances, damaged cells and synthetic nutrients. If you melt the fat, then these nutrients will comb freely.

If you consume less sugar and carbs, the body will produce significantly less insulin. Due to insulin deficiency in the body, it is possible that many more electrolytes and salt are expelled through urine.

So that every organ and body part function normally, the same organs must produce certain enzymes. In this way, the body can, through enzymes, burn lipids and transport lipid compounds. This leads to the formation of mitochondria, so that the whole body chemistry is changed.

Everyone should keep an eye on cholesterol levels.

Many diet fans are definitely asking what a ketogenic diet has to do with cholesterol. Cholesterol levels are often neglected when talking about the side effects of the ketogenic diet. You should be more attentive, many try to take less carbohydrates, but you are more likely to take fatty foods, such as: breaded schnitzel, veal sausage, fried spring rolls and many other delicious and appealing food. In this way you can increase the LDL cholesterol in the blood at

Mostly called LDL cholesterol as bad or dangerous cholesterol. With every bite in the fatty sausage you increase the risk for cardiovascular problems. Here, the blood vessels and arteries are the most at risk. LDL cholesterol blocks any possible artery in the body, leading to these heart and circulatory problems. The heart and other vital organs can not be supplied with enough oxygen and nutrients. In this way, the lack of oxygen causes damage to the heart and brain, in the form of strokes. Diet is a major factor when it comes to cholesterol. It has been known for years that a high proportion of cholesterol is produced by the body itself. It is important to maintain cholesterol through the right diet and with healthy and proper fats. In this case, one should only resort to unsaturated fatty acids in both ketogenic diets.

The nutrient deficiency

Avitaminosis is referred to as a lack of vitamins that can manifest itself in many different ways. Anyone who has already suffered from avitaminosis knows what a “simple” vitamin deficiency can do. It manifests through the inner well-being or through physical deficits. Our body gives us certain signals through depression, loss of vitality, anemia, migraines, acne and so on. By recognizing and acting on the signals in time, you can prevent more serious diseases. Nutrition plays a major role in avitaminosis and mineral deficiencies. The ketogenic diet promotes an increased intake of lipids. This neglects the positive effects of antioxidants and minerals found in fruits and vegetables.

This means that a complete reduction of the vegetables is associated with high risks. An appropriate ketogenic diet plan can help here. Delicious ketogenic recipes provide the appropriate variety.

A changed heart rate

For many patients who have certain heart and heart rate problems, this ketogenic diet can cause many health risks. Certain cardiac arrhythmias may occur in the first few weeks. For this reason, physicians and nutrition experts advise you to bypass this diet if you have a heart rhythm disorder in the past.

Glucose is the A and O for the body

Glucose is a very important sugar that helps keep the body fit. A very common cause of feeling weak and migraine is the lack of glucose. Every child knows that sugar is an important source of energy, especially when it comes to glucose. If you deprive the body of important carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients, it may be that you impair the function of the vital organs. The heart, erythrocytes, kidneys and the central nervous system are particularly affected.

Conclusion on ketogenic diet side effects

There are a large number of side effects of the ketogenic diet, which can be avoided by being informed extensively and in case of doubt missing substances to the body. Before going on any diet, you should seek the advice of a nutrition expert. It is advisable to get together with your family doctor and talk about the latest health standards.

It is always remarkable to see someone with a slim body, but keep in mind that most fast diets are hacking. Before you start with a diet, you should do a complete health check, so you get recommended for an ideal diet. Health should come first and one should not put it on the game, just to let the pounds tumble. The attention should be directed to a positive effect on health. It is better to invest more time and effort in a diet than to choose a fast but unhealthy diet.

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