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Buying guide for your new toilet seat

Buying guide for your new toilet seat

Are you considering buying a new toilet? Well, this is one of hectic tasks because of the available options. There are too many options available in the market and it is very difficult for a lay person to select the best option from these. In order to select the best toilet, you have to consider a lot of your personal factors in reaching the best decision. It is not only the price tag which would tell you about the toilet that suits best your needs. In fact, you need to make sure that the toilet would be suitable for all the family members and it would also be a durable product and would last for a number of coming years.

The major categories of toilets would encompass single and dual flush toilets and your decision would mostly revolve around these two options. As per the statistics, the perfect options in both these categories fall somewhere in the mid budget products. You should also go for a toilet, which is not too costly, save water and is ready to perform for several years.

How best toilets are determined?

A number of performance factors play their role in determining the quality of a good toilet. You cannot simply go to market and select the toilet based on the shape, color and aesthetic sense. There are a lot more things that you need to consider in order to make an informed decision. Following factors are determined while selecting the best toilet.

  • Size of the toilet
  • Waste removal mechanism
  • Bowl cleaning process
  • Type of the drainpipe used
  • Clogging probability

If you have a long drain line in your home, you probably would need a toilet which has more capacity of clearing the waste. Similarly, type of the drainpipe would determine how much waste would be removed in a single flush. If you have a large family and a common washroom, you should go for a product that not only lasts for years but also has a low maintenance.

Factors to consider while making the purchase:

When you are making purchase for your next toilet, you should consider a lot of factors. These factors would include:

  • Best flushing technology
  • Suitable size for your washroom
  • Water saving mechanisms

Flushing technology to be tested:

It is possible that you find different flushing technology in the products of the same brand. In order to select the right product, you should ask the shopkeeper to check the flushing technology. The best performers would take the waste long through the drainpipe without clogging. While conducting the test you should not only consider the liquid waste but also the solid waste and plastic because in most houses, tissue paper, plastic bags and baby wipes are also flushed through these commodes and product should be selected after properly testing it.

Suitable size for your washroom:

When you are selecting the toilet based on the size of your washroom and the construction of drainage mechanism, you should be hundred percent sure that you are buying the right product. This would not only save your time but would also allow you to select the product from a narrowed list of options. Usually the size of the toilet installed in normal homes is 12 inches, however 10 inches and 14 inches toilets are also used at many places. Therefore, make sure that you have properly measured the size of your drain before you go for the purchase of best toilet. A wrong toilet purchased would not only be a waste of money but you whole time that you devoted for the search of a good toilet would also go wasted. Ina addition to that, the height of the toilet plays an important role in purchasing guide. If you have elderly members in your home, you should make purchase of a toilet which is 3 inches higher than the normal size. This would be a much comfortable option for elderly people.

Saving water for future!

Water is a great concern and a lot of ways are being determined to save it. This applies to washrooms as well because a lot of natural water is flushed away on a daily basis. In developed countries residual water is flushed around 30% of the total water and it is a huge volume. If you are constructing a new house and considering buying a new toilet, you should make sure that you are going for the latest technology to save water. A little contribution from you side would save a lot of water at a large scale!

Use dual flush technology:

In order to save water through your best toilet, you can make use of dual flush technology. This technology allows you two way flushing mechanism for your liquid and solid waste. When we have to flush the liquid waste, we do not need to flush that whole water in the container, but old toilets had no mechanism to cater this problem. The new and good products are coming with dual technology and these toilets are considered best to save water.

If you want to play your role in saving water on planet, you should try to buy products which are designed to save water. This applies greatly to the washroom products and toilet seats are the most important of these. Do not make a hasty decision for your next toilet purchase and select the toilet carefully.

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